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Welcome to the first 6 week cycle of YOGASTRONG. This hybrid program will help you build a healthy relationship with strength that can help prevent injury, build endurance, develop balance between flexibility and strength and actually increase flexibility in the process as well as improve overall mobility. This program includes cardio, physio, plyometric power, endurance, deep core strength from powerlifting as well as gymnastic flexibility training and calisthenics. In short, it is a comprehensive program that will accelerate your progress and identify what you need to work on to attain your personal targets. The first 6 weeks, focus on key vulnerable areas in a yoga practice that lack strength and coordination. These areas are: External Rotation of the Shoulder, Thoracic Spine, Glute Strength, Squat Depth/ Hip Strength and Ankles/ Feet Flexion and Mobility. With a clear program, yoga postures that you wish to achieve or those practices that you choose to develop will start to become more accessible and understood whether it be Ashtanga, Hatha, Yin, Power Flow, Inversions or simply transitions within yoga without injury and imbalance created from repetition. Even if you are not a yogi, this program is designed to build balance in key functional areas. If you are a powerlifter, runner, tennis player, gym junkie or whatever you are pursuing, then this program will help you move forward safely with balance and good awareness.

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